Ars Electronica, 2010 (c)


Festival for Art, Technology and Society

For the very first time the Art  Science department of the University of Applied Arts visited the Ars Electronica to have a direct experience about the presented works at the festival and its different ways of approaching the issue of the “climate crises” that convocated different artists and thinkers under the motto:  “REPAIR – ready to pull the lifeline”


REPAIR – ready to pull the lifeline

Excerpt of the concept by Ars Electronica


“Repair also means making amends and healing, taking matters into our own hands and believing in our capacity to develop in a positive direction. Those who repair have a future. Before the backdrop of this thematic orientation, the unique opportunity to stage this year’s Ars Electronica on the grounds of the Tabakfabrik, a former tobacco processing plant that is now a historic landmark, will make the site itself a determinative programmatic element of the 2010 Festival. This manufacturing facility, which was constructed long ago to create jobs and ultimately became a victim of globalization or, rather, the fallacious conclusions drawn from it, is now a very valuable piece of centrally located real estate that has been declared the nucleus from which the new future of this city will emerge. Right now, though, it would be hard to imagine a better and more exciting setting for artistic encounters with the state of our society than this site. Ars Electronica will thus once again serve as a proving ground, as a workshop for testing novel ideas and new possibilities to take action, and for assessing the viability and sustainability of visions and utopias. This is a process in which art and science, design and engineering can encounter each other on an equal footing.”


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Ars Electronica 2010


Image: Ars Electronica


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September 07, 2010, 9:30h
Linz’s tobacco processing plant