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Art & Science at HEPHY

Our class together with the Site-specific art students visited the HEPHY, the Austrian Institute for High Energy Physics in the 5th district.
We were offered a series of short lectures summing up the activities of the institute:

An introduction to particle physics by the head of the HEPHY Jochen Schiek.
Two presentations on the detectors built by scientists from HEPHY:
Marko Dragicevic, for the CMS experiment at CERN.
Christof Schwanda, for the Belle II detector at KEK.

Then, two presentations on theoretical physics:
Helmut Eberl introduced Supersymettry.
Josef Pradler focused on Dark Matter and Dark Energy, while offering a glance onto his working process.

To sum up we had a talk from and with Wolfgang Waltenberger.

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Art & Science at HEPHY
November 10, 2016