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Excursion to Radiology Department (AKH)

with Franz Kainberger and Andrea Maier

Franz Kainberger & Andrea Maier: Field study: Interactions between waves and magnetic fields and human tissue.

X-rays and magnetic fields are something that we cannot smell, hear or see, humans have no sensory organ to detect or feel them. Some people are not concerned by the fact that they are exposed to natural radiation and magnetic fields every day, others are concerned and try to beware from exposing their body to radiation. A different type of waves are sound and ultrasound that can be transformed to visible images.
The aim of this analysis is to understand and quantify how waves and fields interact with human tissue and to form the base for further research. X-rays are attenuated by the composition of molecules within the cells and the tissue, magnetic fields influence the resonating hydrogen protons, and ultrasound waves are attenuated in dependence of the resistence of tissue.
Our research will be conducted by the question in which form waves and fields can be made visible. How does the physicist accomplish this task and is it possible that artists contribute to the never ending question, how invisible fields and waves can be understood.

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Excursion to Radiology Department (AKH)
January 16, 2017, 11:00h