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FIELD RESEARCH and preparations for a final Master project

Winter semester 2010/2011

At the final presentations students of Art & Science showed their works of the winter semester in an all-day-long session that combined a rich variety of projects.


In line with the course "Interdisciplinary Praxis Art & Science Visualization" the students were asked to focus on "field research". At the beginning of the semester they received the task to go to an institution/environment and document and collect data in the field together with an assigned co-worker. The investigation in the field was narrowed down by the question "where and in which aspect does science get in touch with me?" The students contacted and visited the following institutions: the central cemetery, the "Tiergarten Schönbrunn", the central sewage purification plant, the postal service headquarters, the Brunnenmarkt, and a milk production company (NÖM).


Students in their second year prepared ideas and concepts in regard to an upcoming master project. They tried to find "matters of concern" in the field of Art & Science and to consolidate very specific reasearch questions.


Thanks to

Christine Bärnthalle from OFROOM for her support in "material" issues and to INTERLUX for the exponsored materials regarding the "Manimal" project.



FIELD RESEARCH and preparations for a final Master project
January 24, 2011, 09:30h