(Human) Necessities

15 Steps To A Wonderful Patent

The Department for Ontological Patchworks presents:


(Human) Necessities

15 steps to a wonderful patent


Public presentations of the students of Art & Science and Social Design departments, University of Applied Arts Vienna


"A patent discloses, and protects. A wonder deblocks and offends. A wonderful patent is able re-order the social. It assembles and reconfigures human and non human actors. It may create needs and human necessities. It is a fragile socio-technical-scientific device that desperately looks for allies. Are you willing to become enlisted?"


Introduction by Bernd Kraeftner (AT)

Presentations by:
Joan Ballesté (ES), Masha Hupalo (RU), Maria Christina Hilber (IT), Sergio Valenzuela (CL), Al Teleki (VE), Sebastian Kienzl (AT), Stefanie Koemeda (CH), Max Kropitz (AT), Isidora Krsti (RS), Ondej Merta (CZ), Frida Robles (MX)


Courtyard and attached spaces of Governor’s Palace / Nádvoí a p?ilehlé prostory Místodržitelského paláce

Moravské námstí 1a, Brno



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(Human) Necessities
July 13, 2013, 19:30h
Art & Science Studio