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In Contact With Forest Pedagogy

A Workshop with Stefan Lirsch

Meeting point for departure - 12:30 at Art&Science

Part of the Lecture Series

A workshop with Stefan Lirsch
In contact with Forest Pedagogy

This workshop is about being in and with nature. We will try out new approaches to get into contact with the environment and with ourselves, and learn to use the resources it provides us. This includes self-awareness and -experience in nature on the one hand and on the other hand you will learn about forest pedagogy and how it can help social learning, prevent violence, deepen ecological consciousness, relaxation and so on.

We will do exercises to refine our senses and our awareness, and play team- and movement-games to come together as a group and to have fun. We will also explore stillness and our creativity. In group discussions we will reflect about our experiences, about forest pedagogy, children and the importance of being outside and in contact with nature.

Stefan Lirsch is a forest and Montessori pedagogue, systemic outdoor coach & shiatsu practitioner. Since 2008 he has been leading seminars: ‘Begleitung in den Wald’ (forest pedagogics), ‘zusammen-wachsen’ (team building in nature), ‘Suchtgeschichten’ (prevention of addiction), ‘Recht hat jede/r’ (social learning), is a self-employed performance artist and a lecturer at pedagogic institutions in further education. He has four years experience as kindergarten teacher and was working from 2012–15 as the first employed forest pedagogue at a secondary school. He is the author of ‘Lehrkraft Natur’ (teaching power of nature).

Further information:
Equipment: Bring suitable shoes and clothing for being in the forest, something to drink and to eat and writing utensils.
Place: Bus stop ‘Willergasse/Schule’
Meeting point for departure: Hohenstaufengasse 9/9, 12:30

In Contact With Forest Pedagogy
May 16, 2017, 14:00h