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JOUR FIXE with Attila Csörg

“The Archimedean Point. Exploring adjoining territories”



Csörg?’s work explores the margin between art and science. The artist conducts through experiments with precise machines of his own design and optical apparatuses that reinforce his likewise epistemological and playful, humorous approach. His interests lie in optical illusions, metamorphoses of space into surface as well as hypnotic plays of light that touch upon mechanical movements and other inventions, where he combines imagination and a curiosity for various physical and mathematical phenomena. He often spends months working with mathematical problems that engage questions of physics or geometry, all the while creating unconventional works that offer visible solutions to these various questions.


Attila Csörg? represented Hungary in the 1999 Venice Biennial and was awarded the Munkácsi Prize in 2001. He participated in the Istanbul Biennial in 2003 and the Sydney Biennial in 2008; in 2008 he was granted the Nam June Paik Award, Europe’s most important prize for media art.


Attila Csörgõ, b. Budapest (HU) 1965, lives and works in Budapest (HU).


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JOUR FIXE with Attila Csörg
December 02, 2011, 14:00h