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JOUR FIXE with Herwig Kopp

Nailing The Whatness Of Absence



The natural sciences talk in a positivistic way about what is out there (in the world) or in there (inside the human itself) and how this “it” is perceived. This talk will be a repeated multifaceted attempt to express something about what is NOT there. The presentation is conceived to outline playfully what is LEFT OUT and LEFT OVER without filling it - maybe even without "outlining" it. What might be the right methodology to grasp something which is not present? On which nail do you hang deconstructions of holes, breaks and failure? What is in between the art of understanding and the science of knowing? The unattended and the unutilised is not to be explained or put into formulas, but presented as an invitation to visit unpleasant and pleasant blind spots - realms which are not devised neither by rationality nor irrationality, neither by dichotomy nor representation. Explanatory gaps as grey zones of indifference, playgrounds which may evade formal description as well as artistic research.


Herwig Kopp (*1974) is fascinated by grey zones of fiction & reality. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (New Media, under Peter Kogler and Conceptual Art under Renee Green) as well as organized and completed a new individual inter-disciplinarian study plan called "Cognitive Neuroscience" at the University of Vienna composed of Medicine, Biology, Psychology and Philosophy. Since 2007 he works as a Conceptual Artist, Social Designer and co-founder of ADN - Association of Diversification & Novelty on interaction & learning. He combines Social Art, Transmedia Strategy & Game Design to research societal and personal change in between the Virtual and the Real. His work has been on display internationally in eg. Mass MoCA (USA), Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina (RS), Expo2005 (JP), Mess Hall (USA), Einstein Forum (D), Hebbel am Ufer Theater (D), Österreichisches Kulturforum (USA).


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JOUR FIXE with Herwig Kopp
May 27, 2011, 18:00h