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JOUR FIXE with Hofstetter Kurt

Sunpendulum: Parallelism and Cycles of Temporality

Hofstetter Kurt talks about his long-term media art project “Sunpendulum” and the topic of “Parallelism and Cycles of Temporality” with the aim to stimulate an open discussion on methods in relation to the thematic focus of the JOUR FIXE. Launched in 1996, the project pursues a simultaneous experience of day and night: Twelve video cameras are installed in twelve time zones around the earth and serve as “time-eyes”, transmitting images of the sky via the Internet to twelve monitors, which together form a global sunclock. The objective is to attain a condition of ubiquitous time and timeless space.
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Jour Fixe 01: Hoffstetter Kurt


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JOUR FIXE with Hofstetter Kurt
May 14, 2010, 18:00h