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Suicide causes a major public health concern in western societies. Being under the 10 most common causes of death, suicide surpasses the numbers of deaths by HIV and traffic accidents each year. However, information about suicide prevention is underrepresented in media and society, although many evidence-based strategies are available to reduce the burden in those who consider suicide as well as those who survive. Besides means restriction, improvement of service access and general social support interventions, media guidelines and therapeutic interventions are effective prevention methods. Suicide science (Suicidology) has a history of more than 100 years of interdisciplinary work. It covers areas of medicine, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and politics as well as ancient and modern art. Such an interdisciplinary research is a challenge for suicide researchers demanding a high level of creativity in methodology and search for funding.


Dr. Nestor Kapusta was born in 1977, and finished his speciality training as psychiatrist at the Medical University of Vienna. He is involved in suicide research since 10 years, currently employed at the Medical University of Vienna, Department for Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy as a psychiatrist, psychotherapist and researcher. He is an invited member of the International Academy of Suicide Research (IASR) and in the steering committee of the Austrian Society for Suicide Prevention (ÖGS). Further, he is a member of several scientific associations in the field of suicide research and prevention. In 2010, together with an international editorial board he launched the open access journal Suicidology Online and he is in the editorial board of two peer-reviewed journals: Crisis and Co-Editor of Suizidprophylaxe. He received three scientific awards and authored in total 45 publications in peer-reviewed journals in the field of suicide research and psychiatric epidemiology as well as borderline personality with an overall impact factor of over 100 and held 30 presentations at national and international scientific conferences. He is engaged in the scientific advisory board for the development of the National Suicide Prevention Programme accepted by the Austrian parliament in June 2011.


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JOUR FIXE with Nestor Kapusta
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