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Image: David Palme, Lars Schmid, 2012 (c)

JOUR FIXE with the Institute for Research of Everyday Life

Exploring Everyday Life – A Manual



The Institute for Research of Everyday Life is a platform for artistic research and direct action, founded in 2010. Using a caravan from 1977 as a research station the institute undertakes expeditions into all kinds of everyday life environments: from campsites to airports, from theatres to German autobahn. During these expeditions the members of the institute developed different tools and strategies to challenge everyday life – always hoping to find answers to the extremely difficult question what we actually do all day long. David Palme and Lars Schmid will present in the lecture/performance Exploring Everyday Life – A Manual some materials from the archive of the institute and will provide a manual that shows – step by step – how everyday life research projects can be designed and conducted.


Lars Schmid was born in 1975. He studied theatre, film and media studies in Frankfurt/Main. Theoretical writings on the management of suspension in urban everyday life. In 2002, co-founder of Red Park performance collective that focuses on artistic research and the development of new forms of combinatory dramaturgies. Performances, shows and lectures of Red Park deal with the construction of subjectivity, the relation between reality and fake, event and simulation. In 2009 Lars Schmid co-founded and ran the BUYDENTITY pop-up stores in Vienna and Frankfurt/Main, which proclaimed: “Stop being yourself. It’s boring”. New fragments of identity like memories, skills and moves could be purchased in the BUYDENTITY stores. In 2010 he founded – together with Jörg Thums – the Institute for Research of Everyday Life.

David Palme did initially an investigation on the screws of Viennese manhole covers that was funded by the Institute for Research of Everyday Life. Since then he has become a steady member of the institute. He lives, studies and works in Vienna.


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JOUR FIXE with the Institute for Research of Everyday Life
November 16, 2012, 18:00h