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Theresa Schubert, 2012

JOUR FIXE with Theresa Schubert

Bio:logic Observations | Bio:sophic Speculations Using Living Organisms in Art

Bio:logic Observations | Bio:sophic Speculations



Working as an artist with living organisms as a medium implies a different understanding of artistic practice. This lecture will focus on the creative potential of using living media such as protozoa (physarum polycephalum) or other creatures in an artistic context. Furthermore, taking the artist's experience as a starting point, methods and practices of working in research-based art will be investigated: the success or failure of collaborations between artists and scientists, reenactment of scientific experiments as a practice, or heuristic approaches.
What kind of knowledge do artists in these areas need to know today? How does the aesthetic of these type of works differ? What kind of methodologies exist or do we need to invent our own “mashadology”?


Theresa Schubert is an artist who works on the fringe of art, science, and technology. In her practice she combines audiovisual and hybrid media to conceptual and immersive installations or site-specific interventions. She is interested in phenomena of nature, not only as inspiration but also as a material and critical process. Currently, she explores live organic material as an artistic medium to better understand the complexity of our lives by combining biological matter with digital art. Her interest is also to restore a connection to our environment by planting an unpredictable, living factor into our computable lives.


Theresa Schubert is a PhD candidate of Fine Art at the Bauhaus University, Weimar, Faculty of Art & Design. She also is a member of the experimental arts & culture collective qujochÖ and works as a researcher for the Ars Electronica in Linz.


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JOUR FIXE with Theresa Schubert
May 11, 2012, 18:00h