A critical study of cultural homogenisation, social control and global surveillance in Information Society

METABODY is a 5 years project starting July 2013, with the support of the European Commission and the participation of 28 partners from 14 countries, coordinated by Reverso (Jaime del Val - ES). Metabody will elaborate a critical study of cultural homogenisation, social control and global surveillance in Information Society and develop new technocultural paradigms that highlight embodied differentials: the irreducible and changing differences of bodies and contexts, expressions and relations, not for the sake of predicting, but of developing a social ecology that foregrounds unpredictability and emergence, exceeding capitalistic appropriation and preemption.  The project will undertake a critical study of contemporary aesthetics of control, in which quantification of all activities via reduction to information patterns permeates all areas of life, subduing it increasingly to an implicitly militaristic regime of control while being presented as a desirable condition where connectivity equates liberation, and control becomes a hidden variable of the fallacious equation.  At the same time Metabody will develop new technological paradigms that take into account the changing differences of bodies, contexts and movements in their irreducibility, valuing and highlighting the importance of unpredictability for a livable life and generating the conditions for a new social ecology. In the 4th year he project will develop a mobile experimental architecture containing interactive multisensorial laboratories for performances, installations, workshops, seminars, residencies and continuous research, that will tour throughout 9 European cities in the last year of the project as an observatory of diversity and a laboratory of difference. Sergio Valenzuela is director of FIDET international performing arts festival and transdisciplinarity in Chile and student at the Art & Science department, University of Applied Arts Vienna. He is collaborating with Metabody project as associated partner.
Official web site http://www.metabody.eu/


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July 01, 2013