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Ethnographic Research



This "Roundtable" commenced with an exercise introduced by Bernd Kräftner: a 10-15 minutes test on writing down an interpretation on an assemblage of drawings that Calin Guet (ISTA) left behind a week before when he was explaining his recent research project on RM (restriction modification) systems. The students were asked to think about these drawings from a perspective of "a stranger", of someone who does not know their actual meaning. It should raise our awareness on the problem of ethnographic study of science and how to preserve or develop a stranger's attitude in the field to all aspects of the laboratory culture. The presentations of interpretations included different stories and unfolded in various unexpected ways of expression leading to a beautiful performance by Solmaz Farhang in her mother language Farsi.


Individual Presentations


Ondrej Merta * Collective curator, music, DJ


Image: Performance Solmaz Fahrhang, photo Juliana Herrero



"Roundtable concept"


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October 25, 2012, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio