Field Research

This Roundtable discussion focussed on the student’s project “micro exhibition” that will be on display on Thursday, 24. January 2013 at several partner institutions.

The works are site specific, related to the students’ findings on the field and their own backgrounds.


We had as well field research presentations by Sebastian Kienzl and Basil Abaldero Schu. Sebastian Kienzl gave us some insights to the field work of his collaborators Nancy Burns and Amber J. Ulseth at the limnology department and he told us about the exciting trip he did together with Joan Carles Ballesté to the Biological Station at Lunz am See. Basil Abaldero Schu introduced us to the scientific work of Tobias Bergmiller (IST) who has elaborated a technique to clip and observe one mother cell during division. Besides that he also he also presented a project he realized with three of his friends. They created an artwork for a fictional artist: Jürgen Kleft.



Fact Box

January 10, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio