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Our session started with the screening of the deers, some beautiful pictures, and altogether a nice and refreshing report of the activities that Moritz Resl and Julia Rublow are following at FIWI (Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology at the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna).

Professor Franz Kainberger, our cooperation partner at AKH, Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Medical University Vienna, was our guest and the highlight of the session. He told us about his experiences at the hospital and interesting issues emerging from his conversations with Anita Peretti during her field research in this semester. Wed had a long and very fruitful discussion.

During the brake the students enjoyed a bit the sun outside and afterwards we continued with a text presentation by Anita Peretti and Kostas Politis, finalizing the roundtable session with a performance of Ashley Holwell on his institutional role as object facilitator at the Museum of Natural History Vienna.


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May 24, 2012, 09:30h
Art & Science Studio