Presentations micro exhibition in progress

This week’s roundtable was dedicated to the discussion of the works to be shown at the forthcoming micro-exhibition, the semester exhibition of the Art & Science class that for first time takes place at six different locations of the collaboration partners’ institutions and the Art & Science department.
The discussion was opened by the presentation of Sergio Valenzuela, who discussed the preparations for the performance to be shown at the Art & Science department. The piece consists of two parts, the performance itself and the documentation of the public’s gaze while watching the performer. In the performance, the artist wears a costume that is like a puzzle that can take the shape a pyramid. After the performance, the audience receives a questionnaire, based on a model of NASA’s notion of knowing one is being filmed, and how in this way the reactions could be manipulated.
Next, Stefanie Koemeda, whose piece will take place at the IST Austria, presented her work. It focuses on the metaphor of visually representing a scientific concept which is comprehendible to an audience not necessarily understanding the issues the scientists are working on. Based on one scientists’ research about antibiotic resistance in bacteria, she points out that the concept could be approached in the same way as a colour mixer, further using complementary colours as a source for this interaction. A question of how the artist approaches “getting into discourse with people” is brought up, as the work can represent a tool which engages into discussion, and determines the direction it will go.
Finally, Václav Peloušek and Ondrej Merta, revealed that they would create an orchestra with the Kea birds at the research station in Haidlhof. They are working on that and as a result a concert scheduled for the summer of 2013 is expected. All of their efforts in making experiments and the documentation following them will be shared with the students at the institute as well as with the Kea community on-line. The concept behind the work itself deals with the correlation of object manipulation and sound production, and what can be accomplished with the birds based solely on their nature and curiosity without the standard food-reward system of conditioning. These are some of the questions that might orientate the further work in creating the Kea orchestra: Are the Kea interested in producing sounds? How to conduct the birds into producing the sounds? How to judge the success of the music piece and performance in the end?



Fact Box

January 17, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio