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Field Research

With today’s research presentations, we got thrown into three interesting and broad fields from the controlled river stream of the Danube to the stream-table as a social experiment, from taxidermy to a turtle called “Lonesome George” and from the work of Nicola Tesla to the connection between innovation and economy.


Michaela Grass reported about her work on the controlled Danube river-stream. She collaborated with an active group of people in Budapest, who for some years now, place interventions at the river-stream to bring people closer to it. Michaela herself established a temporary stream-table (already used in scientific experiments), at the Danube`s waterside in Budapest, a "displaced“ scientific tool, playfully installed in the public space, waiting to be "misused”.


Zahra Shahabi continued her work at the FIWI (Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology) where she is doing her first taxidermy workshop. Her collaboration with the taxidermist`s began with a jay ("Eichelhäher“) and continued with a “Galàpagos” tortoise. Interesting questions appeared around the building of models/shells, the transformation from nature to design, context and redefinition of the trophy, ending with a video report of "Lonesome George“, the last tortoise of his kind.


Isidora Krsti? then gave us a playful report about Nicola Tesla, his inventions and experiments. The discussion focussed on his wireless energy transmitter, the Colorado experiment and crucial experiments in general and the success (or not) of inventions.
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March 21, 2013, 9:30h
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