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Field Research

Guests of the Roundtable were Prof. Dr. Tom Battin from the Department of Limnology and the journalist Theresa Dirtl. Their participation lead to an exchange concerning some of the projects related to the research centre of limnology, presented by Solmaz Farhang, Joan Carles Ballesté and Sebastian Kienzl. Solmaz Farhang showed a selection of her current projects: ranging from infrared pictures printed with the alugraphic technique, to her work with EAP (electroactive polymers). Apparently a certain type of biofilm looks very similar to the EAP, as Prof. Dr. Tom Battin pointed out to connect the topic with limnology. Joan Carles Ballesté opened up with personal observations about his first semester project “Wasserkluster 1.4” and how he wants to continue his collaboration with the Department of Limnology. He wouldn’t want to create or improve current science illustrations, but rather try to generate new approaches to it. Related to our upcoming exhibition about crucial experiments during the Vienna Art Week in November, Joan Carles Ballesté presented a series of five different ecosystem experiments he is currently interested in. Sebastian Kienzl introduced us to several experiments based on whole ecosystems and showed photographs of large-scale land art. A discussion about great intervention in nature and their different motivations and consequences arose. Finally Isidora Krsti, Maria Christina Hilber and Sergio Valenzuela surprised us with a small intervention inspired by the last Jour Fixe with Michael Guggenheim. Everyone was invited to write down, what his/her current research was tasting like and to pin it onto the wall. The collected tastes are going to serve as an inspiration, for the dishes at our upcoming barbeque at the FIWI.



Fact Box

April 25, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio