Field Research

Field research presentations by Anita Peretti and Maria C. Hilber:
Anita Peretti showed an example of the administrative institutional barriers she was confronted with at the AKH trying to implement her work. Afterwards she talked about N rays, “Rayons N”, discovered by René Blondot in 1904. She presented some insights related to the scientific context at the time of the discovery and about the belief into scientific truth, trust and failure. Bernd Kräftner related the discovery of “Rayons N” with Tesla’s inventions, other kind of scientific discoveries and "weird" experiments. Virgil Widrich referred to this kind of truth in the history of films, in special when the colour-film was emerging in the film industry. The discussion brought up many inputs to Anita regarding the further development of her jewellery pieces.
During her performative presentation Maria C. Hilber invited us to "uncover" various objects related to on-going procedures concerning her research. During the participatory approach of "discovering" she lead the audience through spoken word, essayists storytelling and methodical improvisation. The first discovered object was a small audio player with headphones related to the “speaking” procedure. The second one was a book containing Chris Walzer’s papers “Integrating the Captive and the Wild” and Maria’s reflecting process on various systems of social integration. And the last one was a big chocolate cake, standing for the sharing of experiences with the audience. She also presented "screening screaming", a setting she developed to collect soundless human screams. It is a sort of silent library of screams. Valerie Deifel named that “muted bodies”. Parallel to that she used a video amplification technique applied to botanical research. Maria tries to define scores and updating skills to interconnect the fragments in her research process. The session finished with a “survey” about "how to tame the wild".


Fact Box

May 07, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio