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Field Research

The discussion begins with Al Teleki’s project focusing on the subject of artistic vs. scientific identity. He attempts to redefine identity on several levels, taking into consideration the limitations of technology and humanity vs. post-humanity. Post-humanity is mentioned in the context of evolutionary biology. Modified viral infections or a 'gene gun', which can alter the genetic make up of a being. Modifications of the genome are done in trials to livestock and plants.
Al Teleki questions his approach to his artistic endeavors, not having a background in the field, thinking about where his impulses come from. During his talk he introduced his colleague Alejandro Rojas, a journalist who interviews artists and filmmakers. Mr. Rojas interviewed Al, as he has done it with any other artist, in an attempt to trace back Al’s interest in the arts.

He speaks of genetically altering a bull with his own genome to create a half-brother, half-pet, his own Minotaur for the labyrinth.


Fact Box

May 23, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio