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Field Research

Fresh meat, fresh faces and the autumn sun, the new ones entered the Art & Science department with a variety of backrounds that couldn't be more colourful. Indroduction was the theme of the day for the new students, including introducing the department of Art&Science to them.


Margit Busch a German biologist, Adriajan Karavdic a Bosnian graphic designer, Anna-Sophie Santner an Austrian enviromental anthropologist, Gerardo Montes de Oca Valadez a Mexican cross media specialist,  Ana Daldon an italian physicist, Marwah Sarah a Syrian plastic artist,  Benedict Endler an Austrian germanist as a cybernetics specialist, Matilde Igual Capdevila a Spanish architect, Martina Lang a media scientist and chef and Simon Sailer an Austrian philosopher.


Furthermore Sergio Valenzuela presented his complex research, which is documented, on his blog to open up the possibility to share everything with others. His performances took place in a one-to-one interaction with a one-person audience who dictates the framework of the performative act, and who has now evolved to become more a figure in the performance rather than an audience outside. His video documentaries show complex geometric shapes presented on a human body that developed from the study of geometrical movement. The final question for his thesis is yet unknown but will evolve out of his 6 performative acts of the geometric and coloured shapes he has created.


Virgil Widrich lead the new ones through a journey of Art&Science and its historical relationship. The question of the objectice machine as well as the first x-ray and film screening are mentioned in the broad overview of the historical and technical developments.


Guidelines and information for the collaboration with the BOKU Phd programme were given by Valerie Deifel. Lastly it is mentioned that it will be a beauty contest with characteristics of a blind date framework in which a performative act of a 2 minute self poster glorification should find its place.


Fact Box

October 08, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio