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The DokNE/Art & Science Introduction Day took place at this Roundtable.
The introduction day marked the start of the cooperation between the DokNE-doctoral school for Sustainable Development and the Art & Science department. In the upcoming academic year the Art & Science students will have the task to learn from the topics, methods and results of the DokNE students’ research and investigate the matter of sustainability – in the original fields of research and transferred to other fields of interest. The expectations of the PhD-students of DokNE regarding the benefits of the cooperation are the discussion of their own work from another point of view. Also, their ‘Kollegseminar’ of summer semester 2014 will be dedicated to the cooperation.
In the beginning of the introduction day the supervisors of the DokNE doctoral school, Prof. Andreas Muhar and Prof. Christoph Winckler, gave an overview of the goals of their programme and introduced their main concerns regarding the topic of sustainability. Additionally, the Art & Science directory team (Virgil Widrich and Bernd Kräftner) gave an overview on existing collaborations and possible directions for joined projects. After the general introduction the new students at the Art & Science department presented their previous artistic/scientific works in the format of a poster presentation. A quick two minutes summary introduced the main interests and techniques of their work. Afterwards the students of the DokNE programme gave their two minutes poster presentations of their research projects, summing up 1 to 2 important points of their activity. After the quick introductory poster presentations followed two ‘visiting rounds’ to walk around the room and talk to the presenters. Finally, a session in plenum closed the day.


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October 17, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio