Field Research

Gerardo Montes de Oca talked about his on-going project about the notion of trust as basis of human experience and meaning generation. His research has led him to Catherine Malabou's theory of the self, which links neurobiology, psychoanalysis and philosophy. He showed us part of the artistic works of his research, where sound and water are very important elements. The group put interesting questions in relation to the self theory and wondered on how much Malabou's theory brings new findings or takes us back to previous philosophical explanations.


Matilde Igual Capdevilla presented her project in relation to the Dokne collaboration. In this project sustainability is seen as the capacity to endure. Sustainable development meets the need of the present with the needs of the future. So in order to know what sustainable is scientists need to know what to expect from the future. Scientific modelling is one ay to figure out what the future can be. Science Fiction has been contributing to imagine future worlds. Matilde shared examples of scientific spatial predictions (like living on the moon, space ship's design, etc.) from the 70s and from today. Matilde, who is educated as an architect, is starting a field research and will visit scientific institutions to do a spatial research, studying the physical space as a method for further understanding. This research explores possible futures and ways to imagine future or scenario building. The colleagues commented how this project relates to film, science fiction, dystopia, cyber worlds and other theoretical researches on scenario building.


After a short pause we continued the meeting talking about the collaboration with Dokne. We listed the projects that are now being conceptualized commented them. We discussed about the way we will organize the following regular meetings with the Dokne students to keep working on the collaboration.


Fact Box

December 12, 2013, 9:30h