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Field Research

Ondrej Merta presented his project "Bird Orchestra”, made in collaboration with Kea Lab. The goal of the project was to make a human-directed orchestra, with birds as the musicians. He described partnership relations within the lab and the role of an artist inside the lab. He also presented his research on making instruments for birds, and how he practised training them. Ondrej described how the instruments are built and how they work. The instruments are based on a Standuino board (http://www.standuino.eu/) and were custom programmed by Ondrej. He also pointed out that the instruments are currently being used by the scientists in the Kea Lab for the research purposes. Ondrej also discussed his experiences with the collaboration partner and suggested an internal information exchange between students for improving future Art & Science projects.


Benedict Endler described his on-going computer game workshop project for kids. In collaboration with psychotherapists and kids, he will prepare games with different approaches for imagining the world. He also presented simple design software that kids can use for making computer games and discussed the possible uses in the therapy. His presentation provoked discussion about technology and its impact on the young people. Sergio raised a question about the problematic role of the digital tools in general due to them belonging to huge industries and businesses. Reality mediation by new technologies was also discussed. Benedict discussed possibilities of changing the digital industry paradigm from consumer to producer as a tool for being present in the world and as part of a therapy process.


Mateusz Kula presented his project, "Joseph Beuys aquarel performance". He discussed details of using Trichoderma fungi and Silverfish insects as cellulose-consuming organisms and presented his experiences of breeding these organisms in a home laboratory. He described his project as a speculative reflection on the "7000 oak trees" action by Joseph Beuys and showed an ideological  aspect of this work in the context of "deutscherwald" motive. Mateusz also discussed details of the role of Trichoderma fungi in modern agricultural industry for improving the quality of soil and root growth. He pointed out that entropy is a part of the growth and in this perspective it complicates the work of Joseph Beuys. 

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January 16, 2014, 09:30h