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Field research

Sergio Valenzuela

In the first part of the Art&Science Roundtable session Sergio Valenzuela presented the starting point of his project. He is investigating the ideas of limits, borders and inside-outside, in relation to the human body and has focused on skin(s) from different points of views: tattoos, pain, sculptures, art canvases...

Margit Busch

In the second part of the session Margit Busch presented the development of her project, "About plants, humans and economy". This may result in a map of indoor plants in Vienna, perhaps becoming a city pocket book about the indoor plants habitats. Furthermore Margit Busch illustrated some hystorical facts about seedbanks (mentioning the agronomists Nikolaj Ivanovi? Vavilov and Trofim Denisovi? Lysenko) and showed the King Abdullah International Gardens project; a futuristic botanical garden, which will be constructed in the desert just outside the Saudi capital.

Julia Rublow

In the last part of the session Julia Rublow presented her project on utopian gardens and expressed thoughts about the Jean-Luc Nancy "Being Singular Plural" and about "Locus Solus" by Roussel Raymond.

Fact Box

March 27, 2014, 09:00h