(C) League of Legends


Simon Sailer presented his ongoing research on social interaction in online gaming communities. He analysed the tribunal system in the popular multiplayer game 'League of Legends'. It allows players to report unpleasant behavior, specially verbal abuse against team members (flaming) and lets the community decide if the accused should be punished for his/her actions. Simon invited us to see the chat protocols, which are used as evidence of allegedly deviant social behavior not just as a byproduct of a disciplinary measure, but as artifacts of a reality that gains more and more influence in the lives of a growing number of people. Beyond the personal dimension of being confronted with the aggression of complete strangers, it asks the political question which structures of interaction are responsible for certain conduct between each other. 'League of Legends' seems to have a lot of flaming compared to other online games. The documents also appear to grant a peak in to anonymous personas, with their own wishes, fears and humor, which most likely behavevery differently to strangers in their non online lives.
The second part of the roundtable was about the organization and the structure of the event at the BOKU and the technical requirements for all the modules that will be presented.

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June 05, 2014, 09:30h