Field Research

The following presentations were connected to the Biosphere n+1 event with the dokNE -cooperation partners (Doctoral School of Sustainable Development) at the University of Natural Resource and Life Sciences (BOKU).

Martina Lang and Anna Sophie Santner

''Meat the Action Arena ! '', presented by Martina Lang and Anna Sophie Santner, is a module in which participants are given different roles (scientists, interest groups, consumers, decision makers, ..) and asked to discuss alternatives to meat consumption. To make the discussion more engaged, a good reason for why meat consumption has to be restricted  and rapid alternative development is necessary, and should be given as a starting point. Ideally this reason should constitute an emotional trigger and be conceivable for the participants of the discussion. Proposals were:
  • governmental authorities follow instructions of the EU that every city has to reduce meat consumption by 50 %
  • rise in meat prices
  • an epidemic amongst farm animals (animals which are kept under industrial production conditions 'commit suicide') so that only animals of ethical husbandry survive.
It was recommended to divide the big discussion group into smaller ones to ensure a discussion in which a vivid exchange of arguments is possible. The outcome of this module to be exhibited will be observations of the discussion process as such (interaction lines, drawings of observers, analytic analysis) and the decisions made (the alternatives chosen).

Ana Daldon and Anna Sophie Santner

Next Ana Daldon and Anna Sophie Santner presented EXPERT PROJECTion, which is planned as an intervention in private-public spaces. It deals with the role of experts in society and questions how decision-making processes are influenced by expertise and who is regarded as an expert. It is, therefore, also concerned with the construction of identities.
They want to fix posters which depict a huge luxurious picture frame opposite to mirrors at toilets in restaurants, bars, cafes and public buildings. The mirror is marked with the word EXPERT, so the visitor will see her/himself framed and labelled as an expert. A label (like those commonly used in art spaces), with title, author, year and material will be attached to the wall. The first trial will be at the Hundertwasser building in Vienna. For the Biosphere n+1 event it is planned to modify the toilets there.
Documentation: The places of intervention will be marked on a map and visitors are asked to send selfies. The question was how far social media can be used for this purpose.

At the end of the Round table there were short summaries of the particular modules and installations to  consolidate an overview about the schedule and the resulting exhibition. It was emphasized that there should be an awareness for the choreography and visitors should be supported and helped to orientate.

Fact Box

June 10, 2014, 09:30h