Atlas Making

The second Roundtable of the semester started with an overview of the structure of the following year as well as the discussion about the upcoming collaborations with the AKH, the atlas project and the HyUnify project.

After that, we discussed Art in Science in more general therms and the way a merger in practical therms can look like. Ludwik Flecks critic of an non-historic view on the sciences and in reserve an degrading view on past sciences was mentioned, while looking at a collection of atlases . Bruno Latours actors-network theory was also mentioned as an interesting way of engaging as an artist in the scientific field, in regards to  the upcoming collaborations.

The last part was dedicated to the presentation of some of the new students of the art and science program. Christoph diploma-project was a performantive  Art installation in an nearly empty gallery space in Amsterdam, where he read out loud letters, playing with repetition and adaptation.

No Exite was a methodological performance that played with rolls and behavior patterns in public spaces in Graz, trying to provoke reactions of bypassing people. By breaking the rules of social interaction, normal places become an stage of questioning the foundations of seemingly obvious realities. http://www.noexit.at/graz/enter.html  
A similar project was the “Öffenlichkeitskunst” that took place in the several Austrian trains, to intervene and rediscover the time of traveling as a potentially engaging place for social interaction.
By renting a dance studio for one year, Christoph developed a book that tries to capture his personal journey of exploring senso-motoric approaches to his own language of body moment and dance.

Nemanja has his background in fashion design, but tried always to create fashion that was more then just a wardrobe. Many of his works are not even intended to be used as clothe. Trough out his work there is a thorough relationship between the creation of identity and materiality, which he explores by touching the sensible issues of nationality in Serbia and other pressing themes.

Fact Box

October 14, 2014, 09:30h