Atlas Making


Discussion on the book Objectivity by Dalton and Galison

Objectivity historically can come from several sources:
  • True-to-nature: based on Plato’s concepts, this approach to objectivity is based on the idea that all we see are examples of the real truth. Objectivity is the representation of the essence of an object.
  • Mechanical: the truth is in the specifics. Inspired by photography and other methods of precisely capturing the reality
  • Trained judgment: this is the acceptance of the philosophical subjectivity, the realization that the truth depends on the person assessing it. The real truth is the collection of all specific instances, and only then are generalities drawn.

Project idea discussions

  • Kainberger group:
    • Denise, Michaela, Magrit, Marwa went to visit on Monday, 17th, and arranged another meeting on Monday 24th 8am
    • Language of doctors is very technical and mechanical
    • Kainberger is interested in improving communication between doctors and patients, in dealing with the power dynamics
  • Chris Walzer group:
    • Chris: Interested in a comparison between the art world and the ecological problems – both are bubbles waiting to pop is a nice guy!
    • Mato: Interested in the indoctrination process of medics.
    • Marwa: Coincidences and consequences: how do small events have large impact? How do we deal with these? Small initial events and coincidences can have huge, long-lasting impact. Or: Social system: how can people be so selfish, when given power they can destroy something so easily
    • Kilian: Interview and personal approach to the portrayal of climate change and erosion, and why projects fail

Fact Box

November 18, 2014, 09:30h