(C) Goodwin, Charles, Co-Constructing Meaning in Conversations with an Aphasic Man. 1995


Atlas Making

Method presentations

Bernd Kraeftner discussed some ethnographical reserach methods:
Goodwin, Charles, Co-Constructing Meaning in Conversations with an Aphasic Man. 1995
'Co-Constructing Meaning in Conversations with an Aphasic Man' speaks about a man named Rob, who is in a very difficult situation. He is battling a disease and fighting for his life to hang on. The book describes the people that come into his life on a day to day basis and make a big impact. 
Howard, Philip K. The Death of Common Sense: How Law Is Suffocating America.
'The Death of Common Sense' begins with a man who is trying to open a homeless shelter, specifically for people with diseases. He wants to help them. However, on his way to doing this, he runs into many obstacles with regulations from the government and therefore, decides to investigate how law is suffocating America. 
Virgil Widrich presented methods of organising and archiving materials. He explained details of his work by incorporating many interesting tactics and techniques of film-making and strategies about teamwork. 
He further investigates problems and struggles within film-making. He mentioned many important sources and organizations.

Work presentations:

Mato Lagator presented his scientific work and explained the science of communication. He showed us how communication can be drastically altered even by changing the place of three words. 
Michaela Putz spoke about the Atlas project at the AKH. Through her resreach she discovered any interesting relationship between patients and doctors. She is specifically researching how the doctors treat the patients.

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