(C) 2015 Martina Lang


Martina Lang presented her project based on the book The Game of Logic by Lewis Carroll. She describes the experiment of understanding and experiencing the text by creating a new abstract logic made of numbers that turn into a code system that cannot be decoded. The transformation from words to numbers to a visual appearance to words of the numbers, a parallel understanding of Carroll's logic and method in his work. The outcome was a series of photographs as well as a rhythmic text. 
newold oldnew newnew oldold a project by Matéuz Kula questioning and researching the transformation, social meaning and political value of the magazine secret service. One magazine was conserved and impregnated in epoxy resin, the other magazine is vanishing with a trichomerma fungi. The Polish context of transformation that happened at the very beginning of the 90's compared to today’s situation creates an nostalgic glance in the past. 
dedektive a film project which could be compared to the genres, fake documentary and detective story. The characters interviewed in the film sequences talk about a network of incidences that connects them. a mysterious story told from different perspectives unclear what the circumstances really were. Parallel stories are told by one character, the spoken language is polish with English subtitles. the focus was on the question, how things that happen are passed on and effect the story. a few questions arose for the yet unfinished film project, what are the circumstances? What is the relation of the people and the structural background. 

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June 09, 2015, 09:30h