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Photograph: Brishty Alam


Sound I Caring.

PART I - Project Work

Karl Salzmann on Sound
  • JOHN CAGE – Silence
  • JACQUES ATTALI – Noise, the political economy of music
  • LUIGI RUSSOLO – Die Kunst der Geraeusche
  • STEVE GOODMAN – The musician Code 9
  • BRANDON LABELLE – Acoustic Territories
Video:  PUBLIC ENEMY- Fight the power
Sampling and appropriation of sound, acoustic territories
What kind of power can be inherent in a sound?
Video: Christian Falsnaes
Bullying, presence, volume, occupying space, conceptual, ritual, interacting, body, subversion, territories, physical, aggressive soundscape, fear, violence, context, no surprise
Excerpt form ATTALI:  The sounds of power, noise and politics
Video: MEDIENGRUPPE BITNIK, bug at the opera
Pictures: LUIGI RUSSOLO’s experimental instruments
Pictures: Sonic Warfare - High frequency sound weapons, death whistle, torture classics
Video: BRANDON LABELLE – Vibration
Presentations for next week:
  • Daniela on Underground: busking acoustics and the echo
  • Chris on Attali’s excerpt
  • Everyone bring 5min of a sound related to the field they’re coming from

PART II - Transdisciplinarity

Bernd Kraefter on Care
Julian’s presentation on IVAN ILLICH’s Tools for Conviviality
Video: FRIGIDAIRE – army production during the 1940s

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November 03, 2015, 09:30h