Photograph: Brishty Alam


Sound I Caring.

  1. SOUND

Daniela presented “Underground, Buskers and the Echo”, a text by Labelle from his book “Acoustic territories”. She presented the main aspects of the underground in accordance to Labelle, then focused on the aspect of the echo. (See pictures in the gallery for presentation)

The second presentation, by Christian Fries, was about the text “Noise” by Jaques Attali. He showed two different pieces of music written by himself, as examples of how music can be either a tool for social change, or a tool to “make money”. He talked about the theory of music, and how society is represented through music. His presentation concentrated particularly on rap music. After the presentation Karl added some information about Jaques Attali, his biography, influences and the his way of writing.
  1. CARE

Eleni presented the book “The Craftsman” by Richard Sennet. She talked about his biography, his studies and influences. She defined craftmanship as “the skill of making things well” and the craftsman as “anyone who does a good job for the sake of the job itself” and a person who is “engaged in non-separation of hand and head”. She gave two examples, the woodworker and the scientist.

There was a discussion about the history of craftsmen, their role in society, their motivations (moral motivations for the communities or personal motivation for personal sake), and the role that Linux, machines and technology play in today’s society. There were also questions and opinions about the Open Source society, the activism it represents and the relationships between their means and their goal.

Fact Box

November 10, 2015, 09:30h