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Field Research



An exciting report of a days field research at AKH (Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Medical University Vienna) began this Roundtable, through which different activities of the everyday life at the hospital were drawn upon and expanded, bringing  interesting insights into: departments, people, doctors, PhD students, patients, instruments, images, the building itself, and stories, through the lenses of Anita Peretti.
A visit to the IST (Guet Group at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria), documented here by Anna Frida Jónsdóttir and Paola Otero, had produced much interest within the Roundtable. During their presentation working procedures, lab notes and methods of the routine working sessions at the department, were shared, captured through Anna’s camera and the live sketches by Paola.
The Roundtable’s upcoming translational involvement in the Essence 2012, and potential complementary workshops for the discussion were discussed in the closing of the session.


Essence 2012, Space introduction / Juliana Herrero
The materials of the 'Roundtable' together with the diploma works will be exhibited. The display of the parts is to be worked out, parallel to the protocol strip’s processes organised by Valerie Deifel.


Workshops Suggestions / Sabine Teichert
The possibility of implementing various modular workshops was discussed, combining the technical with a focus on creative outputs.


Image: Anita Peretti


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May 10, 2012, 09:30h
Art & Science Studio