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Photograph. Nemanja Popadic


Caring. I Sound

Part I) Transdisciplinarity: Bernd Kraefter on Care

First semester students reflections on care topics

Barbara : Care for Animals

"Animals Looking at You: Investigating the Animal Gaze"
Research Topic(s): Do animals care about us? What do they see when they look at us?
Research Plan: Visit an animal shelter to observe how animals/humans gaze at each other; observe seeing eye dogs and their owners to see how dogs care for owners

Daniela: Care for the Immaterial

Research Topic(s): Plans to focus on incorporeal immateriality, and the dichotomy between proven and non-proven immateriality; especially interested in non-proven immateriality and the objects and rituals involved in it
Research Plan: Interviewing shamans in Colombia to talk about their healing rituals, especially those involving music; researching acupuncture in Vienna

Heather: Care for the Social

Research Topic(s): Looking at representations of Sea Serpents, Dragons, Monsters in unfamiliar/dangerous areas on old maps and thinking about what the monsters would represent/where they would be on contemporary maps
Research Plans: Create a survey that would find out what geographical areas people in Vienna have the least and most knowledge about; collecting data on regions and countries where travel restrictions have been imposed due to perceived danger, either from crime, terrorism or natural disasters.

Part II) Project Work: Karl Salzmann on Sound

Class visit to the anechoic chamber at the Institute of Music Acoustics at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna

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