Image: Eleni Boutsika. Photograph: Brishty Alam.


Sound I Caring.


Christian Fries presented his video project “Body Mind and Spirit Map”, that reflected the theme, described in the article by Vera Brandes “Epigenetics and the environmental influences that specific frequencies of sound and color have on the nervous, organs and chakra system in our body”. During the discussion, the work of C.H. Waddington in the sphere of epigenetics and Isaak Newton’s chromesthesia was mentioned.
Heather Beardsley presented the powerful artwork by Jeremiah Coleman Davis “Debra restored”. https://vimeo.com/140706953
Christoph Perl presented the artwork by Pepo Salazar BIZIAK 1 (2009) which took part in Venice Biennale 2015. In this case sound was used to visualize the materiality of time.

Ruben presented his own recordings of sounds produced on daily basis in his laboratory, mostly created by the technological instruments. In the laboratory sound is used as a tool to gain information about micro tensions (stress tensions) in the tissue.
Eleni Boutsika presented the site specific interactive installation by David Byrne “Playing the building” 2009 http://www.davidbyrne.com/archive/art/art_projects/playing_the_building/#recordings. Her own interactive installation, which was exhibited in Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, in October 2015, focused on playing and discovering sound-abilities of objects’ fragments.

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November 24, 2015, 09:30h