(C) Photograph: Julian Wiesner 2015


Sound I Caring.

Lale Rodgarkia-Dara presented her research for the "Care" topic. She talked about her sound workshops based on open source technology and the assemblance of instruments and radios she is doing with refugee women with respect to craft, war and sound and the connections between those. According to that, she performed a sound-piece where she mixed her family history with theories of immigration and the experiences within the workshops. 

In the context of the "Sound" topic, the performance artist Lucie Strecker presented her research for the project “A Stage for Trees”. This works with ultrasonic emissions of trees and deals with the concept of non-human performers / actors (in this case trees) in the realm of art, biotechnology and ecology. Her research interest focusses on the subconscious, environment, the body-mind-gap, and biopolitics, which has also shaped her recent performance practice.

Irene Zluwa presented her semester project for the topic “Care”, which deals with sustainable and green city planning. She built up a bricolage model of a city made of toy blocks, books about concepts of green cities and postcards to let people explore those concepts in a playful way.

Nemanja Popadic presented his early stage of a performance he is planning to do on the questions of immortality with respect on future technologies, the progress in medicine, the transhuman and psychological and social issues that come along. 

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December 15, 2015, 09:30h