Sound I Caring.


Upcoming lectures:
20-21.04 Brandon laBelle (acoustic territories)
03.05. Frank Scherbaum
next dates:
05.04. individual project presentations
12.04. individual project presentations
Planned exhibition:
03.06.-11.06. Exhibition date
Thinking where it should be - abandoned office? Everybody should think what he/she needs. Performances should be recorded and screened in the exhibition
Would be good to be able to enter the building some weeks before.
Think what you need for the presentation - how much space, loudspeakers, light or dark, picture the ideas (image not only in the head),
Freesound.org - sounds tagged with descriptions
Ideas for the projects
Julian: opera in the wood
Irene: maybe don’t needs sound (verbal description)
Cris: no idea yet à back to start
Heather: science documentation about fantasy football
Maria: sounds of dolphins and bats played back on places where people got lost, character based animation including the sound in the end
Kostas: hologram with songs
Ruben: scenario: all living organisms have been engineered, looking for patterns, program to soundification of DNA
Anna: displacing the sound life: people touching something and broadcast this touching sound to an other place
Christoph: Google maps and walks, recording sounds during walks, changing sounds of seasons, objects in nature that release sounds, collect everything and talk about perception
Eleni: collecting sounds of her house (hof), investigating how to compose them. Installation without headphones, better hear it when walking in or passing by
Lale:  voices displaced in the elevator, gerichtete Lautsprecher?
à lale would need a working elevator for the exhibition (guide to the underworld) other idea? Create a scene with light..
“in the world of idea, time has no importance”  V. Widrich, during the Roundtable

Individual meetings:
Before Easter - Care
After Easter - Sound


Preparation for Luis Aparicio – Seminar 07.03.16
Michel Callon’s 'Acting in an uncertain world: an essay on technical democracy' (Chapter 4 & 5)
What is risk?
Calculating risks.
What is uncertainty?
How does science influence the future?
What are the recent debates? Nuclear waste, danger of cellphones, smoking, plastic, global warming.
How can Artists, NonArtists, People, Leader, Governments influence this fields.
Research in the lab is not enough? How can we make a field study? Use the wild. Research in the wild. Callon and Rebeharisoa - reading during the next month.
Output of this semester à research report.
Installation or exhibition upcoming semester.
Extra sessions on Mondays 15:00-18:00 “Artscience practices”
Practitioners input
2 student presentations
Dates and topics will be sent by Brishty & Valerie

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