Presentations of the 1st semester students of their installed projects for the Open Studio.

Rosie studied illustration, she creates tools to tell stories, leads workshops for kids and adults. She presented a video and introduced us to her previous works.

Andrea presented some of her pieces as a choreographer. One of the questions was how to document, or represent live performances. Is video a good tool for it? what kind of film? and what could be other ways of transporting the ideas expressed in movement back to stillness?

Marko is a performer, his works try to connect bodies, to create moments in which audience and artists come together.

Frédérique introduced us to her transformation process in becoming an art student (she has previously studied geography and worked in the field of statistics). In her work she wants to explore memory, spaces and identity.
Regarding Identity the works of Luigi Pirandello were suggested.

Thanos studied previously biology. He told us the story of a certain parasite, through drawings and personal references. Michel Serres´s book Parasite was mentioned.

Lala showed a video documentation of one of her performances part of her work on Milk. She also presented her milk theory, and her most recent works in which she is driven by a new material: charcoal.

Johanna showed some of her past works in which she operates with images, texts and installtions.

Marina discussed with the class on her documentary film on Downtown East Vancouver, a neglected neighbourhood in the center of Vancouver. She shared her work process, her worries and her methods ( Grounded Theory)

Rafael had installed her time-line of knowledge, a long printed canvas strip as an attempt to map everything we know. Questions about canon were raised, about how static is knowledge. There was also a short discussion on infographics and diagrams.

Lale showed a work she started as a part of the Care project, a non-linear combination of biographical photographs and text.