Gabriela Guadalupe Aldrete Hernández (c) Matilde Igual Capdevila


The first group of first year students made their mid-semester presentations.

Frédérique introduced her project Heimat, where she will investigate the meanings of this notion. She brought a Tarte-tatin showcasing the importance food plays in her personal view of Heimat.
Athanasios and Frédérique went on to talk about their collaborative project regarding the ATLAS experiment at CERN. They connect to it through greek mythology. Besides, both would like to draw and understanding through drawing, and Athanasios is also interested in conducting interviews with people working in certain groups at CERN (knowledge-transfer, security and safety). They plan on working on a comic.
Athanasios will aso try to detect at CERN magnetic fields.

Andrea is focusing in Supersimmetry and geometry. She has studied symbols, such as ADINKRA by James Gates, and was reading different papers dealing with geometry, symbols and physics. Her research so far encompasses fractals, the geometric figure amplituhedron and the notion of mathematical beauty from Paul Dirac. She plans to bring her research to dance.

Golnaz followed a five step presentation starting from two keywords: Nucleus and Particle. She also takes on the theme of the elemental strauctures of bodies, cells, movements... She is ultimately interested in Extra-dimensions and how those could be felt.

Lala has worked with the notions of collision and trajectories. She presented videos and drawings documenting her performances destroying coal pieces. She however wishes to go beyond the allegorical level.
Through exploring the iconography of her own work: a hammer, a woman. She has started to research people working at CERN, and women in particular. She has already conducted a long interview with Specimen 1, a PhD student from HEPHY who has been at CERN working on experiments.

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December 06, 2016