(c) work by Barbara Macek


Semester presentations

Barbara and Maria, both third-semester students presented their progress in their works.

Barbara showed her Reductionist Herbarium and her Consumer's Herbarium. She uses a copymachine as a tool of reductionist methodology and receipts (the nothingness of the flower purchase) that she then transforms into a poem (the lines of thepoems are treated as plant specimens).
Her work is not only a critique of the violence of reductionism but also attempts at activating the imagination.

Maria presented the next stage in her work based on the essays of Montaigne. She is making equations regarding time and distance of certain historical events described by Montaigne. And then visualizing this data in order to compare different pieces of writing. She uses Google Earth for Geo-location

Fact Box

January 10, 2017, 9:30h
Hohenstaufengasse 9