CERN/HEPHY I Semester presentations

During the second session for project 3 presentations Denise and Daniela introduced their works.

Denise is researching raw data and big data in the context of CERN. She is looking into the functioning of algorythms and how those are used at CERN to filter the information gathered.
Filters are also interesting, both from a digital and biological point of view.
Referneces mentioned:
Efflux Pumps ,protein transports localized in the membrane of cells.
Adieu au langage, a 3D film by Jean Luc Godard.

Daniela presented her work in progress towards creating her own coral in an aquarium. She is now engaged into researching different types of materials she can use (and are affordable). She has installed an aquarium in her studio and she invited us to visit, have a look and share her references.

Fact Box

January 17, 2017
Hohenstaufengasse 9