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CERN/HEPHY semester presentations

The end of semester presentations continued on this Roundtable.

Frédérique showed the outcome of her project HEIMAT. In her previous presentation she baked a Tarte-tatin. She was then collecting feedback from her Taste of Heimat experience from Barbara, Lala, Andrea and Thanos. Her presentation consisted of a certain number of black and white drawings, diagrams and sentences arranged so as to form a narration. It is her attempt to record cooking and tasting: "cooking is a total experience for the senses, it is difficult to record (smells, tastes, colours, sounds, movements). Since it is an everyday activity we are usually not aware of this evidence." Freddie is working with free-association and asking other people's ideas. She imagines this could be the first part of a bigger project.

Frédérique and Athanasios are doing a videogame on the myth of Atlas and the machine, which will refer to particle physics and CERN as well as to Greek Mythology. They are using Scratch (an educational tool).
References mentioned:
Eliza, a psychoanalitical bot from the 60's.
Stanley parable, an interactive fiction video game.
Twine, an open source tool to create interactive stories.

Presented an idea on how to present the results, what if the pieces would work together as agents? He is thinking on different forms of curatorial concepts and opened up a discussion on authorship and artistic practice in relation to authorship in the results of experiments at CERN. Also on the possible role of a narrator, on interpretation VS. explanation.

Andrea is working on Body language synthesis. She collected video footage from the lectures given to us at CERN and she´s looking onto methods to codify movements (Movement & Prosody, From vs. Dynamics).
She is using the notions presented by David McNeill in Hand and Mind (PDF here).
She is also developping a list of keywords: tunnel, beam, circle, energy, push, particle... And is interested in wether there is a semiotic value in gestures.
She showed us two video samples of her work in progress.

Lala spent her time at CERN getting to know the environment and finding the borders. She observed the relations between people and the spaces and selected a few places to perform. She presented footage of some of her perfromances. Her work that she is calling for now Thoughts between Light and Dark Matter reflects upon questions of truth and following blindly (do we trust science without understanding?).
For the exhibition she wants to show a video and do an interactive performance where she will play with the trust of the audience. Reference to La Fura dels Baus.
Her work is also a reflection on materials (charcoal, carbon): an imporatnt element drawing the line between organic/inorganic matter.
She would be interested in doing an installtion with arduino components and doing a performance without herself.

January 24, 2017
Hohenstaufengasse 9