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Field Research

During this Roundtable Max Kropitz shared his thoughts and goals about his current project at FIWI in cooperation with Zahra Shahabi. His presentation opened a discussion about photography and the usage of lighting to make wax figures appear realistic to the viewers. Following his interest in taxidermy, he is trying to take a series of realistic photos from taxidermied birds using different lighting tricks. He was quite satisfied with the results of his first experiment consisting in a black and white picture of a taxidermied bird prepared by Zahra.


Later on, Isidora Krstic presented her work in progress in collaboration with IST. The key question she raised dealt with the relation between different ways of setting rules in mathematics and decision-making in artwork. In practice, she tried to show different aspects of decision-making by the study of a tree using different sets of rules.


After the presentations the group discussed the Art & Science exhibition in context of the Artweek 2013 ("Projecting Worlds"). Our working title is  “crucial experiments”. We discussed the topic and possible ways of approaching it. The reading of “The Golem, what everyone should know about science” by Harry Collins and Trevor Pinch, shall work as an input framing the upcoming works.



Fact Box

May 16, 2013, 9:30h
Art & Science Studio