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(c) works by Marina and Golnaz (c) Matilde Igual Capdevila

ROUNDTABLE (WS Presentations)

CERN/HEPHY semester presentations

During the last session of the Winter Semester we had presentations by first year students.
Golnaz presented her work, a reflection on Space and Time, which takes her from high energy physics to biographical experiences of displacement. She also showed a 3D model of what she plans to realize: a large scale installation made out of plexiglas panels.
Marko showed video footage of his action at CERN with the flags. He also presented his ongoing project on identity, social media and blurring the borders between fiction and reality.
Rafael presented a couple of short videos in which he combines and remixes found footage and his own.
Rosie introduced us to the world of biogas.
Johanna presented her photo archiving project on CERN. She wants to classify and find patterns in the pictures we took during the excursion, her intention is to collect as many photographs as possible and organize them by topics and motives.
Marina presented her photographic project. She showed us her medium format black and white photographs taken at the Natural History Museum.