"Unrest Of Form - Imagining The Political Subject"

Excursion to Secession

On June 13th, 2013 the Art & Science class visited the exhibition "Unrest of form - imagining the political subject", located partly in the Secession Vienna. The focus of the exhibition is not easily explained, yet quickly understandable when seeing the works in their connection: The works have an almost sociological quality to themselves, in the sense that they discuss public negotiations and how these negotiations form collective thinking. In this field, the exhibition wants to uncover and open up discussions on themes that are taken for granted or conveniently forgotten about.


"The Artist without Works: A Guided Tour Around Nothing" by Dora García investigates the role of the artist - and what remains of the artist if he or she refuses to exhibit or perform. Other examples include an institute founded to re-assess the works of a misunderstood Soviet philosopher and art critic (The Lifshitz Institute by Dmitri Gutov), a meditation about death that is commented on by an actor who is used to playing dead (The Milieu of the Dead by Hannah Hurtzig) and an examination of monetary economy as compulsory state religion (Not All Germans Believe in God, But They All Believe in The Bundesbank by Chris Kondek)..


The exhibition is still continued until June 16th and is displayed in three parts, one in the Secession, the other two in the main building of the Academy of Fine Arts and quartier21 in Museumsquartier.



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"Unrest Of Form - Imagining The Political Subject"
June 13, 2013, 11:00h