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Project oriented presentations

Thursday May 22, 2014, 10:00h, Digital Art department, Sterngasse 13, 1010 Vienna
A Software Marathon is a series of short, project-oriented presentations on uncommon software. The objective is to become familiar with a broader spectrum of digital tools in order to have more solutions available for different needs. Each presenter has twenty minutes to demonstrate his or her tool in the context of a work. The diverse backgrounds of the students and staff mean there is a wide range of specialist software knowledge to share and exchange; fostering an interdisciplinary approach in production methods.
A cooperation between the department of Digital Art (Prof. Ruth Schnell) and the department of Art & Science (Prof. Virgil Widrich)


10:00 Thomas Gorbach

PURE DATA Open source, realtime-capable software by Miller Puckett to work with sound - sound synthesis, sound transformation and sound control

10:20 Adrijan Karavdic

SCRIPTOGRAPHER A free scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator?. It gives the user the possibility to extend Illustrator’s functionality by using JavaScript language. It also includes a library of existing scripts thatGIVE great results

10:40 Michael Huber

AFTER EFFECTS Advanced compositing

11:00 BREAK

11:20 Andreas Haider

OPEN TSPS | NI-MATE Camera-tracking & skeleton reconstruction tools

11:40 Oleg Prodeus & Virgil Widrich

MOVIESTORM 3D animation software used to create video sketches of films by shooting them in a simulated movie set. Used for Virgil’s next feature film. http://www.moviestorm.co.uk

12:00 Benedict Endler

MULTI MEDIA FUSION Game development software

12:20 DRINKS

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May 22, 2014, 10:00h
Digital Art department, Sterngasse 13, 1010 Vienna