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Project oriented presentations

Thursday June 02, 2014, 10:00h, Digital Art department, Sterngasse 13, 1010 Vienna

Doing a Software Marathon we try to get familiar with digital tools in order to have a brighter spectrum of available solutions for different needs. The Software Marathon is an innovative format based on short presentations which are project oriented. In this way learning about tools is connected with specific interests, generating an atmosphere of exchange and fostering our interdisciplinary approach in the ways of production. This event is an introduction to tools where we can exchange methods of how to approach digital and analogue issues. Taking advantage of our diverse backgrounds, we select quite exotic softwares, assigning to students, professors, staff members of the Art & Science class and guests from related departments of the University of Applied Arts Vienna the task to present their tools in context of a work in twenty minutes.
A cooperation between the department of Art & Science (Prof. Virgil Widrich) and Digital Arts (Prof. Ruth Schnell).


10:00 Peter Calvache
META – a new programming language for web development
META is an experimental programming language which integrates the whole stack of web development front-end development with HTML, CSS and JS, and backend development with PHP, MySQL or MongoDB  into a single unified syntax
10:30 Norbert Unfug
Practical applications of Stereophotogrammetry
An overview of Stereophotogrammetry with a focus on Photoscan and the tools needed to get good results from selfmade photos.
11:00 Klaus Filip
ppooll is an open source library providing the use of the powerful multimedia software Max for non-coders.
11:30 Josh Harle
Open maps
An introduction to the Open Map device: discussion of concept, possibilities, and demonstration of an example map.

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June 02, 2016, 10:00h
Department Digital Arts, Sterngasse 13, 1010 Wien
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