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What is a Body / a Person?

Workshop with Norbert Feldmann

“If a body is propelled in two directions by two forces, one tending to drive it to the north and the other to the east, it is caused to move in a given time exactly as far in both directions as the two forces would have separately have carried it?”

In contrast to John Stuart Mill’s quote from A System of Logic, technologies and techniques frequently have unexpected effects: they may generate forms of pleasure and pain that nobody predicted. Means mess up ends.  Procedures of care often work with this dynamic. It is not (only) about the question of what technologies and techniques are supposed to do but also what they happen unexpectedly  to do. If health care professionals and caregivers want to learn about the unexpected effects of interventions  should they understand every intervention as yet another experiment? And, furthermore, what kind of relations between bodies and persons do these interventions/experiments establish?

In the workshop we shall address these questions to a health care professional working in the field of ‘Kinaesthetics’. Kinaesthetics is a comprehensive education and ‘intervention’ system, in which participants learn about the foundations of the movements that comprise daily activities. However, it is also an important intervention technique applied by caregivers to enact relationships with more or less severely disabled persons of various ages.

Please note: We are working on the ground, so please bring a simple ISO mat or blanket. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in freely, (no skirts), warm socks, and have something to write short notes on your experiences.

Norbert Feldmann is a professional trainer in Kinaesthetics and a teacher for nursing professionals.

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What is a Body / a Person?
April 26, 2016, 13:30h